CT-50 Review

CT-50 Review

CT-50 is a cross training workout designed by Tyler Bramlett, a training expert and USA Weightlifting Performance Coach. It provides users with a way to get in shape without the use of traditional workout machines, pills, or even depriving themselves of food they love.

It relies on various body movements that burn away maximum fat. It does not stress long or extreme workouts, which is one of the main reasons people easily give up on their exercise attempts. It only requires users to work out for an hour a week which is convenient for people who generally don’t like working out.



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The CT-50 workout has five different levels to help people get in shape regardless of their age, gender, or size. It comes with a video demonstration of all the exercises, as well as a workout video users can follow. It also comes with a wall chart that can be used for reference. The CT-50 has 5 levels; the degree of difficulty gets harder the higher the level is. People who workout regularly and are in good physical shape may be able to skip the first two levels, those who are not are required to start from the first level.

How Does The Levels Work?

  • The first level of the CT-50 workout starts with simple movements that the user will use throughout the program, some of the moves to be used include “Turkish arm bars,” “body rows,” “shoulder bridge lifts,” and “one leg shin taps.” The movements are simple enough for anybody to do without worrying about injuries, or their fitness conditions.
  • The second level deals with more movements, and requires muscle use. Users will learn new movements like the “Turkish sit ups,” the “burpee walk out,” and “single unders.
  • The third level becomes a little more challenging, and having completed the first two levels prepare users for it. By now the users will see improvements in their bodies, which is the goal of the levels system. The physical improvements from the first two levels should motivate the users to keep going.
  • On the fourth level, the users will learn more complex moves. This level will require a lot of balance, co-ordination, strength, and conditioning which will leave the users with a much improved physical shape and body tone.
  • The fifth level teaches even more complex moves like the “grasshoppers,” “inchworms,” ‘vertical pike presses,” “goblet jump squats,” and “kipping pull ups.” by the end of it, the users would have attained the type of body they wished they had without having to use any real gym equipment or going through some intense workout regimen.


As with most products, there are advantages and disadvantages to using the CT-50. Some of the advantages of it are:

  • It is a very easy product to use, users are provided with videos that show them the moves, and can work out with.
  • Anyone can use it regardless of their age, gender, or their body types.
  • Users will save the money they would have spent on gym membership fees that do not guarantee the results they would get by using the CT-50 workout.
  • Customers have two months to try out the CT-50 workout, if they are not satisfied, they can get a full refund of the money they spent on the product. No questions asked.
  • The CT-50 workout includes a free workout integration guide if they want to combine it with other sports, a supplement guide, and a smoothie guide to help burn more fat, preserve the lean muscles, and recover faster from the workouts.
  • Users will feel better about themselves because of the results they achieved with the CT-50 workout; they will have higher self esteem, and more confidence.

There really aren’t any disadvantages when people use the CT-50, because they will see the improvements in their body if they stick with the program as described, and if they give up after two months, they can get all of their money back.

The CT-50 might seem like of those workout gimmicks that don’t work as advertised to skeptics, the bottom line is Tyler Bramlett, the creator of the CT-50 is an experienced trainer that has worked with USA weightlifting and has hands-on experience. He is so confident in his product that he basically gives users a two month free trial to see that it works. People who have tried different methods to get in great shape but have not succeeded have nothing to lose by trying it out.

CT-50 Review

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